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This is a personal website of Dr. Basheer Ahmed for use of Family and Friends

Latest Books

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Why Are Americans Obsessed with Guns

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The Rise and Fall of Muslim Civilization


Please see my chapter on Medieval Scholars Contribution on Psychological Medicine


I came to America as an immigrant. America has given me an opportunity to achieve my goals in life but I had to work hard to prove myself . 
Both the recognition and a desire to alleviate the difficulties encountered by immigrants were the fundamental reasons which motivated me to establish the Muslim Community Center for Human Services.
My goal of life is to help people in distress and building relationship among people irrespective of the cultural, religious and ethnic background. The mutual understanding can be developed by engaging in dialogue. I founded three organizations in DFW area to achieve the above mentioned goals of my life. Muslim Community Center for Human Services helps people in distress, IQRA builds interfaith and intrafaith relationships through dialogue and IMPMS disseminate the information of great Muslim civilization and its impact on the world history.

"The beginning of wisdom is to desire it."

- Ibn Sina

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