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Dr. Ahmed has founded the following organizations:


Hyderabad Cultural Society of North Texas founded in 1992.


Dr. Ahmed established  this organization to remind people from Hyderabad, India who live in DFW metroplex about their heritage, cultural and traditions. Through the social activities the people from Hyderabad, their descendents and friends will have the oppurtunity to preserve and enhance the cultural and social aspects of Hydearabdi way of life and it preserves the Hyderabadi culture family values and essence of identity.


Muslim Community Center For Human Services (MCCHS) founded in 1995.


MCCHS was established to provide Medical and Social Services to the indigent residents of Dallas/Fort Worth area irrespective of Race, Religion and Country of Origin. The Services offered through Al-Shifa Medical Clinic and Dental Clinic. It also provides Mental Health Services and Counseling to victims of Domestic Violence. 


Institute of Medieval and Post Medieval Studies (IMPMS)founded in 2009.


The missionof IMPMS is to make people aware of the great contributions of the Islamic civilizations to the west and indeed to the whole world by presentations and disseminations of written and Audio-Visual Material. As well as by organizing conferences and special events on this subject.


Institute of Quranic Research for Intra-Faith Acceptance (IQRA) founded in 2014.


IQRA is organized to built harmonious inter-faith and intra-faith relationships. It was formed to monitor and intercept potential local or global challenges and pressures towards the prevailing harmonious relationship among the people of different faiths and differents sects of Islamic faith.





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