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Marital Disharmony and Counselling - Published in Horizon December 2018 (Page 36)

Muslim Foster Care become a Reality - Published in Horizon August 2018 (Page 40)

The Great American Sharia Scare - Published in Horizon December 2017 (Page 36)

Childlessness - Published in Horizon June 2017 (Page 40)

Islamophobia-impact on children- Published in Horizon August 2016 (Page 34)

Hate born mental illnesses - Published in Horizon June 2016 (Page 54)

The Future Of Democracies And Human Rights - Published in Muslim Observer November 2018

Bringing All Muslims together to end violence against Minorities-Urdu Times-6-2016

Developing Unity among Muslims- Asia Times Feb 201

MCC for Human Services - Published in "Arise"_1017 (Page 12)

Challenges Muslim youth

Hijra and Ashura OCT. 2017 - Published  Asia_Time

History of Development of MCC- Published in Horizon

Religious Diversity- Published. The Muslim Observer-7-201

Rise and Fall of Muslim Civilization - Published  Muslim Observer-Aug-2017

Role of Muslim confront terrorism Arab Daily news-April-2016

Hate, Intolerance and Genocide of Muslims

ISLAMOPHOBIA - Fort Worth Star Telegram, Oct 6th, 2015 Hate, Intolerance and Genocide of Muslims

1995 Article on Hyderabad

An article on Dr. Ahmed published in the book Inspired to Serve by Mark H.Masse 2004

Article on Healthy marriages

Articles on MCC and Al-Shifa

Medieval Scholars

Domestic Violence

Anorexia nervosa


Help patients stop smoking

Healthcare china

Homo sexuality-Islamic Perspectives

Islamic faith and treatment

Psychological factors breast cancer

Social aspects of aids

Stress and Illness

Adolescents and Chileren

Alzheimer disease and incompetemce

Diagnosis of Alcohol

How terrorism effects children

Islamic faith and treatment of emotional disorders

Dark Ages

JIMA Rise & Fall


Hate, Intolerance and Geocide of Minorites Muslim Times

Ibn SinaTarrant County Physicians

Rise and fall of Muslim Civilization: The Causes and Cures

Muslim Scholars of Spain

How Muslim Scholars Lit the Dark Ages and Impacted The European Renaissance

Op-Ed: Reviving Islamic Excellence in Scientific Knowledge and Discovery Dating From Medieval Era 

The Spirit of Fasting in the month of Ramadan

Marking Muharram and The Courageous Woman in the Story of KARBALA

Was The Withdrawal Of US Forces From Afghanistan The Right Decision?

The Future Of Democracies And Human Rights

Rise and Fall of Muslim Civilization: The Causes and Cures

Religious Diversity, Pluralism and Tolerance: The Islamic Perspective

Preparing Young Muslim Scientists To Follow Footsteps Of Medieval Scholars

Freedom of Expression

An Open Letter To GOD From A Poor Muslim

A Lecturer Was Unjustifiably Dismissed

A French Teacher Showing A Cartoon MuslimObserver treatment of emotional disorders

The Spirit of Fasting in the Month of Ramadan

A Thanksgiving Message

Yom e Ashura

Unique Ways to Inspire Muslim American Youth

The Negative Image of Muslims

State of the Muslim Umma

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan 

Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Taliban

Racism in the USA

Possible Road to Palestine

From Scholars to Future Innovators 


The Muslim Father of Robotics

Do the Quran and Prophetic Teaching Support Blasphemy Laws









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