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Professor Zeenat Sajida



Dr. Zeenat Sajida is my mother’s first cousin who introduced me the world of Urdu literature. I remember vividly that at the age of 14, I went with her to Aurangabad to attend a National gathering of Urdu poets where I got a chance to meet Sahir ludhianvi, Qateel Shifai, Shaz Tamkanat and many other famous writers of 50’s.

I always enjoyed reading her short stories for which she became very famous.


Prof. Zeenat Sajida belonged to the famous Sarmast Family of Gul Barga and her grandfather was a Session Judge with Nizam’s Government. He was very much influential in encouraging her to get the higher education. She obtained master degree from Osmania University. She was among one of the first women to complete a Ph.D. in Urdu Literature. During 1950s her first book Jaltarang was published. She also published two volumes on Hyderabadi Literally Scholars, which was published by Andhra Urdu Academy. Her compassion was teaching and she retired as the head of the department of Urdu Osmania University in 1984. Thousands of her students who reside in India, Pakistan, Middle East, UK, Australia and USA admire her passion for teaching. She was also a social activist, who defended the women education and helped in upgrading and up lifting the women’s status.


She was one of the few people, who inspired me personally to help in alleviating social problems specially related to women.


“We all have to leave this world sooner or later, what counts is what we are leaving behind and what impact we have made on the world”




Prof. Zeenat Sajida with family:


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