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Dr. Ahmed participate in Interfaith Health Services Project in Tarrant County

Church Health Communities, established 30 years ago, provides health care to thousands of indigent residents in Memphis Tennessee. Pastor Craig Strickland Senior Consultant had a meeting on September 15th at Fort Worth Club with multi-faith group interested in providing health care to indigent residents in DFW area. Dr. Basheer Ahmed attended the meeting with Dr. Tim Bruster - First United Methodist, Senior Pastor. Rev. Ralph Emerson - Rising Star Baptist Church, Senior Pastor; Trustee at JPS/County Hospital, Dr. Fritz Ritsch - St. Stephens Presbyterian Church, Senior Pastor, Rabbi Brian Zimmerman - Beth Congregation, Senior Rabbi. The meeting was Dr. Cheryl Kimberling, president of Multi-Cultural Alliance.

Mr. Strickland is exploring the feasibility of establishing a large charitable clinic with the cooperation and coordination of multi-faith groups to provide health care services to thousands of indigent residents in DFW area under one roof. The attendees expressed interest in the project and recommended that Pastor Strickland should conduct a feasibility study of the need, expenses and funding sources. The group will continue to have email contacts and conference calls to continue the dialog on this subject.

From Left: Dr. Fritz Ritsch, Rev Ralph Emerson, Pastor Craig Strickland, Dr. Basheer Ahmed, Dr. Tim Bruster, Rabbi Brian Zimmerman, Dr. Cheryl Kimberling


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