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Dr Ahmed Presented a seminar on Sharia Law Myths and Realities at the police head quarters Fort Wort

Dr. Ahmed made a presentation on the “Myths and realities about Sharia law” to over 150 police officers at the Fort Worth police head quarter on July 13th 2017. He explained its significance and applicability to Muslims., while highlighting the difference in the practice of daily Sharia and Sharia law. He refuted the highly publicized fear about Muslims trying to replace the existing US Laws with or by implementing Shariah Laws. He clarified that Sharia law cannot be implemented in USA as any changes in the law requires a majority of the legislators to approve the laws. As such, the current trend of moving and or passing anti Sharia laws legislation becomes meaning less. One would also wonder about the need or the wisdom behind anti-Sharia rallies all over America. Are they not just an excuse to cause fear among the population and to promote discrimination against other fellow Americans who just happen to be Muslims.

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