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Dr. Basheer Ahmed has received the prestigious award from Multi Cultural Alliance At the 66th annual

The Function was attended by 500 guests including Dr. Ahmed’s family members and friends.

Dr. Ahmed’s son Sameer made opening remark followed by the presentation of the award.

Please see the picture taken by Multicultural alliance and shared at their website.




John Hammond, Dr Zaidi, Beverly Hills & Talaun Thomson

Dr Ahmed with Mr. John Hammond

Drs. Tehmina & Asif Hussain

Dr. Haleem & Saleha Haleem
Dr. Ahmed With John Hammond (Chair MCC), Talaun Thomson(Ex Director MCC)
Dr Kimberling (Ex Director MCA) with Awardees
Dr Shahid & Ayesha Shafi with Ms. Adena Walker (MCA)
Dr Ahmed With Mr. Peracha, Ms. Talat Ashai & Dr Asra Khan
Mr. Hammond & Dr Ahmed With Dr Attique Khan & Mr Altaf Hussain

Pic Courtesy:- MCA

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